Alexander Eden Mage

From Egs Mayhem

Alexander is another character from the Play Pen, where Cyrus Mage comes from. He and Cyrus are best buds.


  • Name: Alexander Eden Mage
  • Age: 21
  • Species: Angel
  • Appearance: About 5'7", lean build, medium length blond hair and hazel eyes. Wears a green t-shirt and blue jeans, with a golden band around his left wrist. He has a blue short sword on his belt, a red broadsword on his back and a pair of wings.
  • Powers: He can use healing magic and channel energy through his swords to do special techniques.
  • Fenrir's Fang: A blue short sword that has the powers of wind and ice.
  • Terra: A red broadsword that has the powers of fire and earth.
  • Alexander's Angel Band: Provides protection against several reality and mind warping effects, also the source of his healing powers.
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